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NAWBO members believe business should be a force for good in New Mexico. We, as women business owners, invest in and support our communities in a variety of ways. We know the sustainability of serving customers and retaining employees supports philanthropic, community-based, and public policy efforts. The myriad benefits of engaging in these endeavors help make our state a better place to live, work, and grow a business.

19th Annual Legislative SpeakOut! Positions and Details

SpeakOut! is NAWBO NM’s annual gathering for a conversation with legislators about policy issues that are important to us and all small business owners doing business in the State of New Mexico. We discussed Advocacy Principles that offer information and perspectives to our elected officials as they prepare for the 2023 legislative session. Here are our three Positions.

Postion #1
Paid Sick Leave
NM Healthy Workspaces Act 

Position #2 Gross Receipts Tax  Destination Based Sourcing

Position # 3
Business Needs

Working together to achive more!

NAWBO NM Advocacy Ask
We ask that all policies are contemplated holistically and with the awareness that small businesses include sole proprietors and LLCs. We respect the need for regulations to serve as guardrails that are objective, impartial and consistent and are developed with clear meaning and implemented through fair-minded compliance.

NAWBO uses a litmus test to make sure all Advocacy meets our goal of being Bipartisan.  

Litmus Test: Endorsing Legislation

A NAWBO NM endorsement of legislation is a statement that women business owners across the state support the efforts of our lawmakers. NAWBO NM does not support legislation lightly. Before attaching our name, the legislation is thoroughly vetted with our members to ensure it aligns with our advocacy mission.

NAWBO NM endorsed legislation must include:
• Bipartisan Support & Sponsorship
• Coalition Building
• Data and Expertise Driven
• Business Advancement

The First Session of the 56th Legislature


Legislation may be prefiled


Opening day (noon)


Deadline for introduction


Session ends (noon)


Legislation not acted upon by governor is pocket vetoed


Effective date of legislation not a general appropriation bill or a bill carrying an emergency clause or other specified date

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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

NAWBO New Mexico members believe in strengthening New Mexico's long-term economic vitality; a wide diversity of perspectives must contribute to the public policy dialogue. 

We actively support equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Our experiences and memories as employees strongly influence our perspectives on furthering a broadly viable environment.

Relationship & Engagement

NAWBO New Mexico members appreciate the fundamental importance of government and the necessity of relationships with our public servants as New Mexicans and business owners. 

We value the opportunity to foster public policy that supports a robust, inclusive, and resilient state as a whole and individual economic business success.

Costs & Complexity

NAWBO members know that there are costs and regulatory implications on business that must be given every consideration in public policy development. 

We ask that tax policies contemplate holistically and awareness that most small businesses are sole proprietors and LLCs. We respect the need for regulations to serve as guardrails that are objective, impartial, and consistent, then developed with clear meaning and implemented through fair-minded compliance.

New Mexico Legislature Information

This information sheet is meant to assist in participating in the upcoming New Mexico Legislative Session. It provides different links to the Legislatures website that are commonly used to navigate activity.

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Workforce & Infrastructure

NAWBO members believe that economic development and business thrive where the workforce is dynamic and infrastructure is well resourced.

We want to strengthen the state's educational system as it is the key to unlocking workers' potential. Focusing on improving access to high-quality, affordable early education, building a robust STEM pipeline, and aligning workforce training resources to meet employers' needs are prerequisites. We understand that investment in foundational resources, including broadband and transportation solutions, directly supports economic development and quality of life goals.

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